From the field: 2/1/2017

February 2017- Wheat is looking good with the added moisture and price being the biggest issue.  Some are praying for a hail storm to zero out the wheat with our recent weather since insurance price is much better but that won't happen. 

This looks to be another great year for Canola!  The canola looks great and has big potential this year lets just hope mother nature will allow the producers to get it out of the field without a snag.  Canola looks to be a great rotation in 2017 from wheat with the chance to clean up the ground and get a few bucks more per bushel than wheat.  The wheat following canola is another great benefit.  It looks great.


We have Grazer HQ sorghum-sudan priced @ $17.50 per bag.  Buy a pallet or more and get it at $17.25 a bag.


Other great Options!

Honey Sweet (Croplan) $34.00

Greentreat BMR 6 (Croplan) $69.00 High quality with strong traits



Crabgrass and Oats planting is just around the corner.  Get quality for a lower initial cost.  We can apply the seed and fertilizer with our Air Flow Fertilizer Rig for $6.00 an acre.  Fraction of the cost of hiring it planted.

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Croplan soybeans have been a big hit this year with the R2C4700S leading the way.  Come by and check on our special double crop pricing on Croplan Soybean Seed.



If you have any questions regarding fertilizer, seed, or both feel free to stop by or call and ask for Jason.